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Atomic Age Clock 


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Atomic Age Clock 

Written By: Meg Allan Cole 


2 small pieces of cardboard (1) 
Hot Glue gun & hot glue (1) 
Metallic silver spray paint (1) 
Power Drill (1) 
Sand paper (1) 
clock kit (1) 
retro blue paint (1) 


With a few hardware store and household items we are going to construct our own clock that 
looks like a classic design piece. 

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Atomic Age Clock 

Step 1 — Atomic Age Clock 

• Cut 2 pieces of cardboard into 
circles that are 3 1/2" in diameter. 
Hot glue them together to make 
them stronger, avoiding the center 
for when you drill later. Measure 
and draw 2 perpendicular lines 
intersecting in the center. Drill 
through that center mark with a 
piece of wood behind the cardboard 
for safety. 

Step 2 

• Paint the front and sides of your 
clock face. While that dries, sand, 
cut and spray paint 12 13" dowels. 

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Atomic Age Clock 

Step 3 

• On the back of your clock face, 
draw 6 equidistant lines 
intersecting in the center as your 

Step 4 

• Cut away any excess material 
around the center hole with a utility 
knife so the clock can fit. 

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Atomic Age Clock 

Step 5 

• Align both 12 o'clocks on your 
clock and grid before gluing the two 
pieces together. Be careful not to 
get any hot glue on the center 

Step 6 

■■■■■■■HI ■ ■■■■ 

• Add your clock hands and the top 
small screw to the face. 

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Atomic Age Clock 

Step 7 

• Using the grid as your guide, hot 
glue your dowels onto the back of 
the clock. Using a roll of tape can 
stabilize the surface area for this 
step. A bird's eye view can help 
you see if the dowels align. 

Step 8 

• Add a screw to the perfect spot and 
hang your atomic age clock. 

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